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Ayyub Kourtvale (Saudi Arabia | 10 Years Visit Visa (Multiple Entry))
04/12/2016 (2:01 PM)

Dear Team,

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service provided to me by usa-visahub.com and acknowledge Mr. Kiran for his professionalism while assisting in my US Visit Visa.

Mr. Kiran was a tremendous help for me. He & his team are one of the shining examples of professional, caring and knowledgeable experts. I was kept informed throughout the visa process thru emails. I was so delighted when my application was approved after a smooth visa interview (only 2-3 simple questions were asked). I am very pleased with the quality, responsiveness and extensive visa expertise of usa-visahub. I am an Indian, staying in Saudi Arabia from last 20 years. I was always under the impression, that it would be very difficult to get US Visa. But Kiran and usa-visahub helped me to get visa approved in a very smooth way without much interaction and disturbing me in office hours (how typical travel agents do). I am so happy and grateful. I would wholeheartedly recommend usa-visahub.com to all my friends & colleagues in Saudi Arabia to apply US Visa thru usa-visahub.com only.

Kind regards,

Ayyub Kourtvale
Operations Manager
Setec-tpi Branch (France)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Manish (Indonesia | 10 Years B1/B2 visa (Multiple Entry))
28/08/2017 (5:35 PM)

Your team managed your responsibilities in a very professional manner and guided me at every step of the way. Thanks to the continuous support I was able to get a 10 year USA Visa

Jakarta, Indonesia



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